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Is fruit healthy? Or can you do without?

Eat two pieces of fruit a day is the slogan … but is that necessary? Several studies, on the other hand, indicate that fructose is perhaps the most underrated thickener. That is why in some diets the eating of fruit is also limited. So? Two pieces of fruit per day or not? I am trying to answer that question here.

Is fruit healthy?

Let’s answer that question first … I will not turn around the hot knit … fruit can be very healthy! Fruit is mainly known for the large amount of vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants in fruit. And it is indeed true that it is good for our body. But that is of course not the only thing in fruit. For example, an orange and an apple contain more than 23 grams of sugars (fructose) and that is less good for us. But this is just the ‘short-the-bend’ reasoning … technically you could say that you better eat vegetables, because then you have the vitamins, the fibers and the antioxidants, but not the sugars. But fruit, on the other hand, is tastier and easier to carry on the road.
So is fruit healthy ? I searched online for research results and the good news is that with normal quantities of fresh fruit, fruit is indeed healthy for you. Now I can imagine that you think “why the hell are you writing this article? Didn’t we all know this? ”… That’s right. But more and more diets prescribe a limited sugar intake and even fruit is then excluded, or limited to a minimum. And then the question arises … can you live without fruit if it is that healthy?

Can you go without fruit?

The answer is “yes.” Every person can stay healthy his entire life without having eaten a single piece of fruit in his life. In fact, it is only since we have cooled transportation and heated greenhouses that it is possible to eat fruit at all outside the harvest season.
You can get enough vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants from vegetables and nuts. So if your diet prescribes not to eat fruit, you don’t have to worry that your body will give up after a few months. However, you must ensure that you eat enough greetings, meat and nuts … and you do not make any concessions there.

Then why would you exclude fruit at all?

As described earlier, fruit is simply healthy. And if you eat fresh fruit, it is almost impossible to “overeat” with fruit. Yet there are reasons to ignore fruit (for a large part). For example if you eat low carbohydrate. Low carbohydrate diets are aimed at bringing your body into a state of ketosis . This means that your body mainly draws energy from fats due to a lack of glucose (sugars / carbohydrates). This significantly increases your fat burning. A diet based on ketosis leads to unimaginable results when it comes to fat loss and weight control. In such a case, it is no disaster if you no longer eat fruit.

Just for the fruit lovers … why is fruit so good for us?

Fruit is full of fiber, water, vitamins and antioxidants and has a high chewing resistance. Due to the high chewing resistance and the slow digestion of the fruit, the fructose enters very metered in the liver. As a result, with a normal diet (low in carbohydrates) there will be little or no insulin peak. Our body can deal well with fructose that comes from fresh fruit, because the fructose is released in doses. Fructose in foods other than fruit do not have these benefits !! Fructose candies or added fructose is not healthy.


Fruit is healthy and in a non-carbohydrate diet it is certainly advisable to eat some fruit every day … if only because it is so delicious! But you can also do fine without fruit if your diet requires it.
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